Market Research

A dedicated team of analysts will ensure that sufficient market research is conducted for your campaign to provide valuable competitor insights, which enables us to deliver better promotion of your brand through better placement of ads through available online platforms.

Online Advertising

Our team of online professionals will develop and implement a Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Google AdWords advertising strategy to assist in your online reach with the aid of our seasoned professionals whose bidding ability outdoes even the best auctioneers!

Community Management

We believe that just being popular on social platforms is not enough. We will therefore customise your online presence to reflect the audience you would like to target by assessing what content is relevant, how it should be managed, and where it should be advertised.

Welcome to Accura-FX

As an Online Marketing and SEO Company, we leverage the power of the internet to significantly grow YOUR business utilizing holistic strategies that are 100% measurable, sustainable and focused on ROI. This equates to more clients, stronger client relationships, increased sales, and a noticably-lower marketing spend.

Our company focuses on providing valuable, cutting-edge and measurable digital marketing solutions. Whether the task involves building a new website, writing a blog post or updating Facebook, we do it in such a way that clients can benefit from increased exposure, brand awareness, more leads and more sales.

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Services WeProvide

Our digital marketing services include:


Need your website re-written? How about your blog or a press release? We can help you.


It’s more important than ever to have a website that’s easy to find, easy to navigate and easy to use.

Website analytics

How many people visit your website in a month? Which pages are they clicking on and where are your website visitors from?

Lead generation

Is your website bringing in leads? We use specific strategies to help our clients with lead generation.


So you have a website, but how easy is it to find your website on the internet? Our SEO solutions include Pay-Per-Click.


Social media has boomed over the past few years. We can help you create customised social media profiles.



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